Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A nice sunday

Good food, good Sunday

The vintage shoes I bough from Etsy finally arrived and I got to wear them for the first time this Sunday. I am absolutely in love with them, they are as cute and comfortable as I was hoping they would be!

I did not have a lot of food left in the fridge at lunchtime, so I ate soba noodles (I didn't even have scallions for the sauce!), avocado with soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, and kiwi and apricots with honey. It was very simple and very refreshing.

After my long run around lower Manhattan, I stopped by Pinkberry and rewarded myself with a fozen yogurt (not pictured, I don't run with my camera). Then made a stop at the supermarket and bought somefood items for dinner, I ate sauteed shrimp with an avocado, orange and radish salad and dates for dessert. Then curled up with The Economist and read until I fell asleep. Overall, it was a really nice Sunday.


  1. those are very cute shoes.

  2. Thank you Ai! I am in love with them :D