Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Detox Week: Monday and Tuesday

I really need it
So after the partying and eating in West Palm Beach and in preparation to the 10k race I am running this weekend, I feel the need for some serious detox. Not the "I will only drink liquids" type of detox (I don't think I could ever put myselft throught that), I mean cooking my meals with good, healthy and nutritious ingredients, minimizing the amount of fat used in my cooking and staying off the alcohol for a week. Anyway, here is the food I prepared on Monday and Tuesday. I have been eating the leftovers at lunchtime and have been snaking on heatly fruits like kiwi and tangerines.

Monday: Pasta putanesca made with whole-wheat spaggetti, my own marinara sause, olives, capers and tuna.

Tuesday: I am still missing the delicious latin flavors from West Palm so I decided to cook latin food. Baked tilapia in citrus marinade, arroz amarilo (latin saffron rice) and a mango, onion and cherry tomato salad.
Is this a really good start? I hope so. I am starting to feel light again and have plenty of energy. Going back to the gym has helped tons too! I only wish there was better lighting in my apartment at night so the pics would come out better. I absolutely refuse to use flash!


  1. This looks SO good! I love how healthy and green you are!

  2. Yes, it looks fantastic. I'd love that fish!

  3. Thanks Teenage Robot and Ai! I do try to eat as healthy as I can. I will post the fish recipe because it tastes great and is super easy to make.