Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dinner at Takesushi

This place is a keeper

I am a grateful subscriber to the newsletter and credit them for helping me find new great food spots. A couple of weeks ago the newsletter included great reviews about Takesushi, located in Murray Hill. This weekend Brendan and I decided to go check it out.

Takesushi is definitely a hidden gem. From the outside, I would have never thought that the restaurant could have such good food. They have a very simple green awning that reminds me more of cheap chinese takeout than of great sushi. I thinks this is a good lesson for me, I must not forget to never judge a book by its cover

Once we entered, we were happy to see that the majority of the patrons where Japanese, which is always a good sign here in Manhattan. And soon we understood why, the food was delicate and authentic, the sushi was of very high quality and dinner was affordable. We are definitely going back to Takesushi.

*Yasai nimono (simmered vegetables). We were so hungry that I only remembered to take the picture AFTER we ate the pumpkin ... oopsie*

*Simmered eggplant*

* Fried soft shell crab. This crab was delicious, light and crisp and not oily*

* The "Omakase Deluxe": Ten sushi pieces and one roll picked by the chef. The uni and chu-toro were my favorites! Brendan loved the eel*

* Last, and one the house: Castella cake (thanks to Ai for making me realize this is not pound cake!)*


  1. pound cake = amazingness! That place looks awesome nana i wanna go when i visit you!

  2. looks like you had wonderful dinner.

    the cake is called kasutera, or "castella" ( whoa, now i have a craving for it!

  3. Gaby: Next time you come visit we are definitely going to Takesushi. I promise!

    Ai: Thanks so much for letting me know about castella cake! I am updating this entry to make sure I don't mislead anyone else into thinking that it was pound cake.