Friday, June 5, 2009

Macaroons from Paris

So beautiful and delicious!
Last night I went to dinner to see my good friend Venus who is visiting town. She used to work here in NY in the same company as I do now but realized that she wanted to be a doctor instead. Now she lives in Boston and I was so happy to see her last night.

She is on break from post-bac, so she went on a trip to Paris, Portugal and Ireland. When I saw her last night she gave me this box of macaroons that she fell in love with in Paris.

The box is so beautiful, but the taste of the macaroons was even better!!! The yellow and pink ones are already gone, but I am saving the chocolate one for my fiance, he loves chocolate. Thanks Venus!!!


  1. You can't possibly go wrong with Laduree macaroons! I love those as well.

  2. Yes Ai, they were fantastic!