Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goodbye lunch at Sushi Yasuda

*The master, Chef Yasuda, hard at work at the end of the sushi bar*

A very memorable goodbye!

My last day at the company is next Wednesday, so my people manager Tatjana took me out to goodbye lunch. Since I was allowed to choose I had not doubt in my mind that I wanted to eat at Sushi Yasuda. I was so happy to go to Yasuda with Tatjana, she is the best manager anyone could ever ask for, I wouldn't have been able to do half of the things I have done at Towers without her advice and support (and since I am leaving the company I do not have to kiss anyone's @$$, so I am being completely truthful when I say she is the best).

Sushi Yasuda is one of the best sushi restaurants here in NY. Its one of those places where the fish is so fresh and cut so masterfully that, as it melts in your mouth, you have a life-changing experience and your soul feels uplifted from its mundane existence for a little while.

Another amazing fact is that at lunch time they have a great prix fixe for around $25!!!! Of course, I needed to order some additional things here and there, since it was my goodbye lunch after all. The menu changes every day, and Chef Yasuda's recommendation for the day are circled in red. It took me a good, intense 15 minutes to make my selections.

*Sake from Hokkaido, it was very sooth and now to sweet (I don't like sweet sake)*
As part of my pre-fix menu, I ordered the sushi and sashimi special. The sashimi was picked by the chef, I got makarel, tuna and yellowtail. All three were incredibly fresh and melted in my mouth.

*Assorted sashimi*

*Starting from the bottom right: mackerel, orato, sea trout, scallop and uni (uni not pictured)*

For the sushi, I could acually pick my selections, so I did a mix of some favorites and some new fish. For some tried and true selections, I picked mackerel, uni and scallop. The uni was unreal, it had that fantastic, briny taste that develops in your mouth, and it melted like butter. I also tried some fish that that I had never eaten raw before. I picked orato and sea trout, the sea trout was a great new discovery for me.

And for dessert, I had some red bean mochi ice cream. It was a perfect way to say goodbye to Towers Perrin and to Midtown.


  1. what?? Only 25$?
    I live in Germany and here it is 36€ (40$)...
    it is really cheap, it suprised me because I always hear that New York is expensiv. :O

    But I love Sushi too...
    I could eat it every day!

  2. Hi ShadowCatS, you are actually correct in that New York is an incredibly expensive city, that lunch price is really a steal!!!

  3. Hi
    Those sushi look so yummy! I sometimes eat out with my husband and my two kids to the Kaiten sushi restaurant that sushi are carried on the belt-conveyor, as it's easy to take kids there, but sushi in the excellent sushi restaurant is totally different from some of the Kaiten sushi restaurant. I hope someday I enjoy the best sushi with my husband. haha! I wrote about the Kaiten sushi restaurant before, take a look!

  4. The fish does look fresh! Makes me want some really good sushi. I'm eating pizza right now by the way...sigh.

  5. haha Pizza cant replace Sushi~
    *eats sushi today*