Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Onigiri in Manhattan: Oms b Rice Ball Cafe

So pretty I feel sad about eating them

Another great lunch place I go to often here in Midtown East is Oms b Rice Ball Cafe (the name is supposed to replicate the phonetic pronunciation of "omusubi" in english). This cafe's main staple are the onigiri, although they do have some noodle dishes.

What I love about this place is the variety and creativity of the onigiri. Each onigiri is carfully put together and made with fresh ingredients (which might explain why the prices at Oms b are not particularly "recession friendly"). There is so much variety that standing in line is always torture as I agonize about which onigiri I will pick for lunch.

* shrimp popcorn onigiri*

* yukari-plum and wasabi onigiri*

So what did I eat today? These were my three picks. The "gorgeous football" was the tastiest one!

*counterclockwise from the upper left: eel, salmon and "gorgeous football" onigiri*


  1. I would like to try their onigiri for sure. They look fantastic. Have you noticed, though, that in the world of the Japanese cuisine it's about keeping it as simple as possible whereas in the West, especially in the States, it is all about adding more and more? Adding requires a great level of creativity, but it's not always as healthy... I think about that a lot when I try to cook.

    So is this the place that told you not to take photos, huh?

  2. Absolutely agree with you, I think one of the differences between Japanese cuisine and most western cuisine is that Western cuisine adds several layers of flavor/toppings to the food, whereas Japanese cuisine does not overpower the main ingredients and tries to bring out the excence of the main ingredients. One thing that i am happy to see developing here in NY (that is essential of Japanese food) is seasonality. There are many more restaurants here in NY that are trying to use seasonal ingredients instead of offering the same food all year long.

    And yes, that place didn't want me taking photos of their onigiri!