Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lazy, delicious dinner

Rice with gim = nom nom nom

Many nights when I come to home from the gym I am too lazy to cook, so I try to get away with fast, easy dinners. Tonight I am eating leftover brown rice, myeongran jeot with gim and cucumbers I pickled a couple of days ago.

Gim is korean seaweed salted and roasted in sesame oil. Myeongran jeot is korean pickled pollock roe. It's similar to mentaiko, the japanese version of marinated pollock roe. Every time I go eat at Koreatown I make a point to go to the grocery store afterwards and purchase some myeongran jeot.

There are several ways to eat myeongran jeot, its can be used in stews or mixed with noodles. Tonight I am eating in its simplest form, adding it to rice wrapped in gim.

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